One Stockholm Stadsbibliotek!
Stockholm public library located in the city of Stockholm.
Stockholm stadsbibliotek or Stockholm public library located in the city of Stockholm. The building is one of the city’s most notable structures. Once you enter the library you would definitely realize it by yourself.

First step is, to go to the library and get a library card, which is free. Or if you do not have time to go there you can just chill at home, fill out a form and register (Social Security Number is mandatory) directly on the website for a temporary account which is valid for 7 days. but keep in mind, with the temporary account you are allowed to reserve 2 books.

Once you have the Library Card, you are allowed to:

1. Borrow books and other media in lending machines
2. Borrow e-books on library’s website
3. Search the library’s databases from home
4. Make a reservation and borrow on website

If you feel confused and need a recommendation for what to read, here what I love about this public library. you just need to go to the website and in the toolbar you find a category which named book tips.

Along side all the positive points about this incredibly gorgeous library, there are also some down sides about it. I have visited the library several times for different purposes and here I wanted to offer some more specific facts about this place. Finding places to read in public is a difficult thing. The tendency for me is to go to a library. However, If you are looking for a quite place to read, I need to tell you, do not go to this library since this place is not only a library but also a place where attracts a lot of tourists/ or just random people who wants to take nice photos, so you might be distracted with all of these distractions. Fair warning: it’s not the quietest of options on the list, but for some people having a little background noise is often ideal for their reading time.

Despite the fact that, it is a huge library, there are not quite enough seating areas that you find throughout this building to enjoy Especially if you are visiting between 13:00- 15:00. So it would not pretty easy to find a great spot to read for an hour or two.

What I recommend is, just go there and check the beautiful library and fall in love with the structure and snap some pictures.
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Two My Bar Paradise in Stockholm!
‘Stampen’ is my paradise place in Stockholm.
Everybody has a place to enjoy their time with friends, family or even alone. ‘Stampen’ is my paradise place in Stockholm. I am not sure if I was born this way, but sometimes I enjoy being alone. I enjoy going to a bar or a coffeehouse by myself and seat for hours alone with my thoughts. Moving and living abroad taught me how I should cope with my lonesome. Once you have learned to go to places alone, everything takes on a new meaning. This bar has an amazing atmosphere, you always feel welcome when you are cheerful, loved, exhausted or upset.

The name “Stampen” is derived from the stamps clients would receive per regular maintenance payments, for items they had deposited at the pawn shop as collateral. The place converted into a jazz pub in 1968, antique items – stuffed animals and instruments – still hang from the ceiling of Stampen. It is a meeting place from all ages and offering every kind of musics from traditional jazz to modern blues, or soul R&B.

Daily live musics and Karaoke is one of the special things about this bar. It starts from 21:00 until 00:00. Entrance fee is 50SEK which is totally worth it and no worries there is no time to be bored in such an amusing bar like Stampen. Every time I enjoy the wonderful ambiance so I would definitely recommend it to those who needs to enjoy their time with some live musics and a little chit chat.
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The university city, Uppsala!
As you may all heard, Uppsala is a beautiful city with many things to do and see, especially for us as a ‘Student’. Before I moved to Uppsala I was wonder what’s studying at Uppsala university would be look like? you might search alot of things such as the city, university, student life styles, people, foods, weather and etc. through internet. Here I’m going to share some of the sights and experiences I’ve had from living and studying in Uppsala. hope that you enjoy reading it.

Uppsala as a city and university:

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Uppsala is Located 71 km (44 mi) north of the capital Stockholm, at first you may think it doesn’t matter if you live far from the capital, but believe me, after some time it would really matter, so that is the huge bonus for living here. Here it’s time to start talking about the university which makes Uppsala a big difference among the rest of the cities in Sweden. As you all know ‘Uppsala’ known for Uppsala University, founded in the 15th century, It ranks among the world’s 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings. Uppsala University is the oldest center of higher education in Scandinavia. Studying at uppsala university makes you feel that you traveled in time which I personally really love it. Some departments are totally newly build but some are from the 15th like The main building where all the ceremonies and also the orientation day hold there. It basically is the day to get familiar with the Student Unions ‘Nations’ which play a big role in studying at university. In the first week everybody open a conversation with, ” which nation are you a member? ” so you’d better to choose a nation and get the membership to have something in common to talk about. Now you may ask what are Nations? ‘ Nations ‘ help students with the accommodations, scholarships, clubs, culture, pubs, associations, sports and a lot more. This website will give you an overall overview about the nations. There are 13 different nations in Uppsala and Most of the nation buildings are located in centrum so you can easily hang out there and have fun.

Studying in Uppsala is a great opportunity, not only you will experience to study at wonderful university but also you will experience brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, cultures and activities, also you will make new lifelong friends from different backgrounds and perspectives. Do not hesitate and start new chapter of your life!!!
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Four Goodbye beautiful Örebro!
Moving on…saying goodbye…
Thinking back where I was here, Örebro, in August 2017, compare it to now, I couldn’t be more different. The person I was before was not half as strong as the one I am now. I’ve experienced many things since then. You know, we are years of experience that make us who we are. I will say goodbye to my past soon and my past does not define me, I will only grow from it.

Someone taught me “If you change your surroundings, you change your opportunities.” I remember a year ago when I decided to leave my home country I got questions asking “Are you scared about moving and leaving everything here?” or “How do you know this is the right thing to do?” The simple answer was “Yes and I don’t.”

Saying goodbye is never easy, If it were, everyone would do it. But I just know one thing, when you learn to leave things behind, you’re gonna be fine. I mean this isn’t the first time I’ve had to say goodbye to a city and I know I haven’t lived here as long as I did in my home city, Tehran. But is that all? Is time what makes the difference after all?

You need to adjust to new surroundings. Being able to assess, you have to know yourself well enough to know what you want, what you realistically can do. Life appears to move forward, right? And as life moves on, see the bright side, I am here now, in beautiful Stockholm. I Chose what is more interesting to me. I feel passionately about studying in Sweden and I focus on what I believe will be most-fulfilling and satisfying.

Do not assume whatever seems comfortable and familiar is always for your good. It takes courage to step out from your comfort zone and live in another country. The prospect of making this huge move in your life should be exciting and inspiring to you. It required a lot of personal sacrifice. There is risk involved, and am I willing to take it? Fully understand the consequences of making this change and move forward. You would never regret it, world is full of new things to learn and see.

Time to leave behind this city and all its memories, ups and downs that are all my short-memory allows me to recall. Maybe the past is supposed to be just that, a reminder. A reminder of who we once were, how far we’ve come. I believe in order to grow, we need to kiss the past goodbye. I’m gonna miss you my little lovely beautiful #Örebro (pennybridge). Ses snart!💙🇸🇪
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Five Summer in Sweden On 23rd of June, we celebrated midsommar, a day when people in the northern hemisphere enjoy the longest hours of day light! However, Mid-summer is not the pinnacle of summer; instead, it symbolizes the start of summer, the season of vacation!

How public vacation and holidays looks in Sweden?

Nowadays, Sweden is the country with one of the longest public holidays in the entire world. These holidays include:

5 weeks of paid vacation
26 public holidays
6 defect holidays (half-day off)
480-day of parental leave
Several long weekends

Funny thing, if the public holiday falls on a Thursday, then the Friday becomes a day-off by default which is the same in Iran.

Remember, five-week vacation is a minimum; it is more common for companies, universities, universities library and research institutes to grant six weeks of vacation for their employees. As far as I know, most Swedes take their vacation after celebrating Mid-summer: the weather is warm now, and the time is also perfectly in line with the school holiday of pupils. Starting from Mid-summer, they could probably in a resort island, beaches in the South, or even their own summer houses in the countryside: anywhere but not the office!

Before visiting a place, keep in mind that you need to check their holiday hours, even if it is a bakery! For me as a new-comer, my first feeling is inconvenience: tax agency, banks, even the language school only open a few hours (usually 10 AM to 14 PM) during Monday to Friday. Hence, I need to plan everything before so that I can squeeze some time in my schedule in order to have my ID card, bank account, Swedish class registration settled. Certainly it could be even more inconvenient for those who have full-time job.

But when you live here longer, the advantages of taking long vacation begin to emerge. In the personal level, vacation makes us healthier both physically and mentally, being able to work more efficiently, which in terms also benefits the employers. From my personal experience in Sweden, the above statement is absolutely true: no matter where I am, I am firstly impressed, then get used to the excellent attitude of the locals: they are always professional, helpful, friendly and patient.
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Six Study residence permit
Extending your residence permit: not a last minute work!
Student Permit Process
Extending your residence permit: not a last minute work!

If you are a first year master student, February can be a good time to think about extending your residence permit, as you may start applying as early as six month before your residence permit expires on 31/08/2018. You would want to do it sooner rather than later!

The migration agency in Sweden will tell you that the process differs from case to case. It is true, though I can provide you with my own the timeline, which might be typical for a student visa extension:

How long does it take? !

The migration agency in Sweden will tell you that the process differs from case to case. It is true, though I can provide you with my own the timeline, which might be typical for a student visa extension:

I started my application in the end of May and the entire application takes as long as exactly 2months for me. As summer is usually the peak of all kinds of applications at Migration agency (“Migrationsverket” in Swedish),it is really important not to apply at the last minute!

My general impression is that the entire process is easy. I really enjoy the elegancy of the Migrationsverket as most of things are digitalised: no photocopying, no queuing, no hand-writing etc. In the entire period, I only visited the Migrationsverket twice, when I got the email that my case has been settled and for recording fingerprint, and it took less than 30 minutes. You just need to be patient with the process. In case you could not, you can easily visit a Swedish Migration Agency nearby and ask for your case officer’s e-mail. You have the right to write them, and ask about your case. However, in my experience they most of the time give some sample answers; for instance: “We do our best to handle every application as soon as we can.” (which they told me the same!). Good luck with your application 🙂
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