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Well to begin with, studentcatalog will talk a little bit more about itself, hope that you enjoy reading it.

Studentcataloge is written by us, two sisters! We born in Tehran, capital of Iran, in the north of the country. Tehran is home to many historical collections, including the royal complexes. Our mother tongue is Persian and English is our second language.

Tehran, capital of Iran

We did our bachelors in English Translation and after we finished our studies, we decided to change some key routine changes in our life that could offer the variety we did not even know where we were looking for in our life. It happens to the best of us, we put our heads down, push through each day, let ourselves settle into a certain kind of rut.

We started to search for master’s programme in our field. After reading the programme’s webpage, we started filled our applications through www.universityadmissions.se. At that time, it seemed to be a audacious decision: it is not that common in our country to continue your education in Sweden, due to all the tuition fees and living expenses; and Sweden, although famous for Nobel Prize and land of creativity, is portrayed as a barren land covered with ice and snow.

So after 3 months of waiting, our dream is now a reality. We got accepted at Uppsala University and Örebro University. After our arrival in Sweden, all of the doubts we had vanished: the weather indeed temperate throughout the whole year with comfortable humidity (at least, the winter of 2017, we only had a week around -9 celsius, it was promising for me, since we prepared myself for -15 or -20 celsius). Beside that, our class is a big warm family. I love the international environment about our schools and classes: we study and prepare for exams in groups, visit museums, parks, different cities together.

We are both happy to study and live in this brilliant place, and we are looking forward to sharing our experience from Sweden! So follow our blog posts and photographs from Swedish student life to Swedish culture. In our journey, we explore new places, try new things, make new mistakes and comfort our self with the most delicious Swedish way ‘Fika’!

September 2017, Uppsala
July 2018, Örebro
August 2018- Stockholm
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