Stockholm Stadsbibliotek!

Stockholm Stadsbibliotek!

Stockholm stadsbibliotek or Stockholm public library located in the city of Stockholm. The building is one of the city’s most notable structures. Once you enter the library you would definitely realize it by yourself.

First step is, to go to the library and get a library card, which is free. Or if you do not have time to go there you can just chill at home, fill out a form and register (Social Security Number is mandatory) directly on the website for a temporary account which is valid for 7 days. but keep in mind, with the temporary account you are allowed to reserve 2 books.

Once you have the Library Card, you are allowed to:

  • borrow books and other media in lending machines
  • borrow e-books on library’s website
  • search the library’s databases from home
  • make a reservation and borrow on website

If you feel confused and need a recommendation for what to read, here what I love about this public library. you just need to go to the website and in the toolbar you find a category which named book tips.

Along side all the positive points about this incredibly gorgeous library, there are also some down sides about it. I have visited the library several times for different purposes and here I wanted to offer some more specific facts about this place.

Finding places to read in public is a difficult thing. The tendency for me is to go to a library. However, If you are looking for a quite place to read, I need to tell you, do not go to this library since this place is not only a library but also a place where attracts a lot of tourists/ or just random people who wants to take nice photos, so you might be distracted with all of these distractions. Fair warning: it’s not the quietest of options on the list, but for some people having a little background noise is often ideal for their reading time.

Despite the fact that, it is a huge library, there are not quite enough seating areas that you find throughout this building to enjoy Especially if you are visiting between 13:00- 15:00. So it would not pretty easy to find a great spot to read for an hour or two.

What I recommend is, just go there and check the beautiful library and fall in love with the structure and snap some pictures.

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