My Bar Paradise in Stockholm!
Stampen's Bar- November 2018

My Bar Paradise in Stockholm!

Everybody has a place to enjoy their time with friends, family or even alone. ‘Stampen’ is my paradise place in Stockholm. I am not sure if I was born this way, but sometimes I enjoy being alone. I enjoy going to a bar or a coffeehouse by myself and seat for hours alone with my thoughts. Moving and living abroad taught me how I should cope with my lonesome. Once you have learned to go to places alone, everything takes on a new meaning. This bar has an amazing atmosphere, you always feel welcome when you are cheerful, loved, exhausted or upset.

The name “Stampen” is derived from the stamps clients would receive per regular maintenance payments, for items they had deposited at the pawn shop as collateral. The place converted into a jazz pub in 1968, antique items – stuffed animals and instruments – still hang from the ceiling of Stampen. It is a meeting place from all ages and offering every kind of musics from traditional jazz to modern blues, or soul R&B.

Daily live musics and Karaoke is one of the special things about this bar. It starts from 21:00 until 00:00. Entrance fee is 50SEK which is totally worth it and no worries there is no time to be bored in such an amusing bar like Stampen. Every time I enjoy the wonderful ambiance so I would definitely recommend it to those who needs to enjoy their time with some live musics and a little chit chat.

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