The university city, Uppsala!

The university city, Uppsala!

As you may all heard, Uppsala is a beautiful city with many things to do and see, especially for us as a ‘Student’. Before I moved to Uppsala I was wonder what’s studying at Uppsala university would be look like? you might search alot of things such as the city, university, student life styles, people, foods, weather and etc. through internet. Here I’m going to share some of the sights and experiences I’ve had from living and studying in Uppsala. hope that you enjoy reading it.

Orientation Day – Main Building
Uppsala as a city and university:

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden, after StockholmGothenburg and Malmö. Uppsala is Located 71 km (44 mi) north of the capital Stockholm, at first you may think it doesn’t matter if you live far from the capital, but believe me, after some time it would really matter, so that is the huge bonus for living here. Here it’s time to start talking about the university which makes Uppsala a big difference among the rest of the cities in Sweden. As you all know ‘Uppsala’ known for Uppsala University, founded in the 15th century, It ranks among the world’s 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings. Uppsala University is the oldest center of higher education in Scandinavia. Studying at uppsala university makes you feel that you traveled in time which I personally really love it. Some departments are totally newly build but some are from the 15th like The main building where all the ceremonies and also the orientation day hold there. It basically is the day to get familiar with the Student Unions ‘Nations’ which play a big role in studying at university.  In the first week everybody open a conversation with, ” which nation are you a member? ” so you’d better to choose a nation and get the membership to have something in common to talk about. Now you may ask what are Nations? ‘ Nations ‘ help students with the accommodations, scholarships, clubs, culture, pubs, associations, sports and a lot more. This website will give you an overall overview about the nations. ( ). There are 13 different nations in Uppsala and Most of the nation buildings are located in centrum so you can easily hang out there and have fun.

Student life in Uppsala:

As a student I believe that, life outside of the classroom is just as important as inside. As you read from the paragraph No.1 Nations are the student-community to improve the study situation for students. In nations you will find lots of different activities and events such as Traditional student dinners ( In Swedish is Gasque ), live musics, clubs, pubs and etc. The most important thing that makes Nations very popular among the students is that you spend less money for foods and drinks, for instance a glass of wine costs at least 80Kr in a pub, but in nations it costs 40 Kr and it is the same for foods so save your money by drink in Nation’s pubs. Except the nations, there are a lot of nature resorts located in the city and also nearby the city, which you can easily access to them with bus, and have a nice picnic weekend or jog or just have some quiet and peace time with yourself or it would be even better if you make friends by a short time, moving to a new country would bring lonesomeness but don’t worry as soon as you start the university you will get familiar with your classmates since most of the courses in university have a group workshop/ assignment, and also use Facebook to discover events near you or visit interesting places such as, Gamla Uppsala, Museum Gustavianum, Linnaeus Museum and Linnaeus Garden, Carolina Rediviva library.

Studying in Uppsala is a great opportunity, not only you will experience to study at wonderful university but also you will experience brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, cultures and activities, also you will make new lifelong friends from different backgrounds and perspectives. Do not hesitate and start new chapter of your life!!!

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