Goodbye beautiful Örebro!

Goodbye beautiful Örebro!

Moving on…saying goodbye…

Thinking back where I was here, Örebro, in August 2017, compare it to now, I couldn’t be more different. The person I was before was not half as strong as the one I am now. I’ve experienced many things since then. You know, we are years of experience that make us who we are. I will say goodbye to my past soon and my past does not define me, I will only grow from it.

Someone taught me “If you change your surroundings, you change your opportunities.” I remember a year ago when I decided to leave my home country I got questions asking “Are you scared about moving and leaving everything here?” or “How do you know this is the right thing to do?” The simple answer was “Yes and I don’t.”

Saying goodbye is never easy, If it were, everyone would do it. But I just know one thing, when you learn to leave things behind, you’re gonna be fine. I mean this isn’t the first time I’ve had to say goodbye to a city and I know I haven’t lived here as long as I did in my home city, Tehran. But is that all? Is time what makes the difference after all?

You need to adjust to new surroundings. Being able to assess, you have to know yourself well enough to know what you want, what you realistically can do. Life appears to move forward, right? And as life moves on, see the bright side, I am here now, in beautiful Stockholm. I Chose what is more interesting to me. I feel passionately about studying in Sweden and I focus on what I believe will be most-fulfilling and satisfying.

Do not assume whatever seems comfortable and familiar is always for your good. It takes courage to step out from your comfort zone and live in another country. The prospect of making this huge move in your life should be exciting and inspiring to you. It required a lot of personal sacrifice. There is risk involved, and am I willing to take it? Fully understand the consequences of making this change and move forward. You would never regret it, world is full of new things to learn and see.

Time to leave behind this city and all its memories, ups and downs that are all my short-memory allows me to recall. Maybe the past is supposed to be just that, a reminder. A reminder of who we once were, how far we’ve come. I believe in order to grow, we need to kiss the past goodbye. I’m gonna miss you my little lovely beautiful #Örebro (pennybridge).
Ses snart!💙🇸🇪

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